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Sep, 2020
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190 meters of pure adrenaline


190 meters of pure adrenaline

190 meters of pure adrenaline

Are you seeking an activity that will give you a real adrenaline boost? Come and try the most beautiful bungee jump in Europe at the Bungy Niouc Adventure Park.

Whether you wish to try ziplining,  swinging on a suspended bridge or  the legendary bungee jump, the Adventure Park offers many exciting and crazy activities, where adrenaline is guaranteed!

Surrounded by 5 mountains higher than 4000m and beautiful snow peaks, and with an average of 320 sunny days per year, the various activities offered by the Adventure Park take place in a striking and picturesque Swiss setting.

What we’ll do

A bungee jump of 190m, a zip line of 200m long, a swing jump, or the small bar “Le Perchoir” awaits you at the Bungy Niouc Center.

Who can come

Ideal for all sport and nature lovers, and adrenaline seekers of course!