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Discover the glacier


Discover the glacier

Discover the glacier

Formed from the encounter of three Glaciers is the incredible Zinal Glacier. Located between 2005 and 3470m above sea level and at 2:30 hours of snowshoeing from the village, the excursion to the Glacier is truly fascinating. 

Exploring the natural cavities in the heart of the glacier really is a unique adventure in the Swiss Alps. On your way to this mysterious location, you will also be able to admire beautiful ice waterfalls or maybe even spot a chamois while walking along the Naviscence, a small stream that will guide you.

To reach and visit the caves inside the glacier, a beautiful hike is organized giving the unique opportunity  to discover the beauty of the Zinal Glacier.

What we’ll do

The excursion starts at 9:30am. From the village of Zinal, the hike takes approximately 2½ hours with snowshoes to reach the glacier located at 2100m altitude. The return to the station is scheduled around 4pm.

Who can come

Go on this beautiful hike and discover a mysterious winter fairytale with your family and friends. The number of participants varies from 4 to 12 people.